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Look to your left and you’ll find a deep blue sea, ahead are snow-capped mountains, and to your right catch a glimpse of Stanley Park, which covers over 400 hectares in its downtown core.  Vancouver is most famous for its beauty and with your choice of beaches, trails, running paths along the coastline – it has a bit of something for everyone.

Famously known as “Hollywood North” you might even catch your favourite film and TV stars roaming the city while taking a break from the set.  Catering to its vast multicultural population, you’ll find world class shopping, sporting events, and outdoors sights and adventure all within walking distance.

Whatever your heart desires – it’s all waiting for you in Vancouver.


Capilano Canyon Trail

Adam Ciuk

“I head to Capilano Canyon when I need an easy run with stunning views.  It’s a quick drive to North Van and there are multiple trails that loop throughout the whole Canyon.  This is a great place to learn how to trail run, as there are some short loops and less technical terrain.”

Stanley Park

Natalie Langston

“The seawall around Stanley Park is one of the most beautiful places to run in Vancouver.   I’ll run down here from my condo and do a loop to unwind, the views of the water and harbour front are like nothing else.”

The 10-km or 13,123-step seawall loop around Stanley Park is Vancouver’s most popular fresh-air attraction.

Baden Powell Trail

Adam Ciuk

“I’ll head to West Vancouver to hit the famous Baden-Powell Trail when I’m feeling more adventurous, it’s about 48K which spans the entire distance of the North Shore. It’s easy to get through it though, the trail is marked with bright orange triangular tags that are attached to trees.  It links a few parks along the way including Lynn Canyon Park, Quarry Rock in Deep Cove and one of my favourites, Mount Seymour.  A lot of the trail was originally laid out by the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. 

Movement 108

Natalie Langston

“Sometimes you need a good sweat session, I love Movement 108’s Combo class.  They push me to do so many things I wouldn’t do on my own.  They have a great community and their trainers push you to work harder.”

Movement 108 is focused on … being able to move with balance and strength!