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Copenhagen is not only the capital of the happiest country on Earth according to popular indexes but also probably the center of the designer goods universe. Tourist folk to this city destination to get a taste of high end danish design and fashion but also experience the coziness within the city especially around Christmas and New year. This coziness and ambiance has it own word in Danish known as “Hygge” . The flat geography and compact city center means that the best way to get around is often by bike. An early morning jog will also take you past many of the cities popular sites and attractions.


Den Sorte Plads

Mie Kristine Quist 

Within the past 4-5 years it has become one of the most popular hang-out-spots in the city. Super Instagramable with it’s cool white lines and the big hill in the middle. You can basically do anything here: work out, hang out, barbecue, drink coffee while sitting on one of the many benches. While there, you could also check out the many unique “art pieces” that has been installed.


Mie Kristine Quist 

When looking at a map of Copenhagen, it’s impossible not to notice The Lakes. Or “søerne” as they’re called in Danish. There are six of them and they run through 4 different neighborhoods. You won’t find one single hill around any of the lakes making them the most popular running-route in the city. Running all the lakes will be around 7 km.

Kings Garden

Sara Jin Smidt

Kings Garden is probably one of the most popular places to run and hang out in Copenhagen. Located in the center of Copenhagen and hosts a lot of different outdoor events and festivals. When the weather allows it’s full of people tanning and playing football during the day and having picnics and barbeques during the nighttime. The park is located 2 minutes from the gym where I used to host my bootcamps so I have spend hours running and training with my clients in Kings Garden. But now the park is one of my absolute favorite places to go for an early run or powerwalk during the weekend before it gets crowded when I need to clear my head. It’s a little oasis in the middle of the city.

Sporting Health Club Gothersgade

Sara Jin Smidt

I have been at Sporting Health Club since it opened a couple of years ago. When I was working as a full time personal trainer I used to train my clients there. The gym is not fancy and they actually have a quite limited range of equipment – but if you don’t need anything but dumbbells, kettlebells, rags, a bike, a rower or a treadmill it’s a nice little local gym. To me it’s special because I have worked with the owners for almost 10 years in the fitness industry and I have a lot of friends who trains there. So no matter when I decides to workout there is always someone I know. So even though I pass 2 or 3 gyms when I’m biking from my place to Sporting Health Club it’s still the place I prefer to workout. It’s where I feel at home.

The Wolfpack Gym

Sara Jin Smidt

Only open a year and a half but the founders and trainers have been in the game for ages. To me it has a very special place in my heart because it’s one of the few places where I have never worked as a trainer – but just participated like a regular member. They offer a wide range of classes including row, suspension, mobility, yin yoga, bikram and reformer. The place is different because it’s one of the few gyms where the instructors knows your name from the very first class, the classes hosts no more than 20 people. It’s community feeling you don’t find in most regular gyms.




Free to use and open for the public. High up on a roof in the Copenhagen area called Nordhavn. You can see most of the city from the roof and you can get the heat, you can strengthen your muscles and there is even a running track. I love being on Konditaget, I think is a great spot in town.



Part of Crossfit Copenhagen which has “boxes” all over Copenhagen. Værkstedet is in a part of Copenhagen called Vanløse and I spend 4-5 days a week down there. I go there to work out with my girlfriends, I love the exercise, to be pushed and at this time of year – to be able to go outside to soak up the sun after a hard training.