Work Out



Allas sea pool

Kaisa Sali

Allas sea pool is right in the heart of Helsinki and is a perfect location for  a recovery swim after a run around the citys beautiful coast. You can enjoy the pools year around – at winter it is pretty magical to swim in the heated pool when snowflakes are falling and during summer the pools and the deck areas are perfect spots for sunbathing.
There are also a cold sea water pool and a traditional Finnish sauna in the area so you can boost your relaxation with some hot-cold therapy. 

After the swim you can enjoy for example a glass of wine and a tasty salad at the Pools' small restaurant.

Helsinki Central park

Kaisa Sali

Helsinki Central park stretches 10 km from Töölönlahti Bay in the south to the boarder of Helsinki and Vantaa in the north. The park is a real runners heaven and the legend tells that during the IAAF Athletics World Championships in 2005 the kenyan marathon runners did overtrain as they enjoyed the running in Central Park so much.

The park is a beautiful forest filled with hundreds of kilometers of zigzagging sand paths, just perfect for running

Herttoniemi stairs

Kaisa Sali 

Herttoniemis’ old ski jump tower stairs is a perfect spot for some high intensity running and cross training. There are 182 steps to go so you can really feel the running up in your legs and lungs. The view from the up level is beautiful as you can see far to the sea coast. If you like to do many loops you can run back down following the stairs or a curly running path. The stairs are also connected to the huge sand path network of Helsinki Central park. 

I like to do 5-10 loops on the stairs and finish up with a few km of fast running on the flat sand roads.

Eiranranta – Hernesaari area

Johannes Hattunen

Just a few minutes run from my home and my absolute favorite outdoors training spot in the city. The park is perfect for fast sprints and closer to Hernesaari there is an area designed for a street workout enthusiast. If you are not in a mood for sports, there’s plenty of options other for activities. Get a quick boat trip to a pizzeria Skiffer located on an island nearby, enjoy delicious cinnamon roll at Caruselli or refresh your body and mind with some ice swimming and traditional Finnish sauna in restaurant Löyly!

Training For Warriors Helsinki

Johannes Hattunen

I love training hard and challenging my limits. Every time I feel the need to lift heavy stuff, and I find myself knocking on TFW doors.  Since opening it’s doors 2014 it has quickly become one of the hottest gyms in the world. Heck, in 2017 it won the award for the best TFW gym in the world. Every single class is well programmed and coached by a high level professional. Expect some severe sweating, big smiles and lot of high fives!

Be a warrior, not a worrier!

Eläintarhan Kenttä

Johannes Hattunen

Run, sprint and jump around! Eläintarha is the perfect spot for working out during summer time in Helsinki. Red tartan track and a lot of track&field equipment you can borrow for free. I love “Eltsu” because it challenges me to vary my regular workout routines. You can spot plenty of professional athletes here, which helps me to push even harder.