Work Out


„Alaaf you“ – many inhabitants of Cologne describe their city as the most beautiful of the world. Is that true? Let’s find out!

There are many hotspots to discover – the cathedral, the Hohenzollern Bridge with its countless love locks or the chocolate museum, street art in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, bars in Kwartier Latäng and clubs that don’t close till sunrise!

Find the best running tracks, from bridge to bridge, with perfect Rhine-panorama. Cologne offers many places to burn off energy and to recharge your body. Decide just as the fancy takes you!




„My favourite place to work out is McFit (former High5) in the southern part of Cologne. I’m also a member in another gym (just because I like the variety), but with this one I just really value the atmosphere. Besides that, they have a really good variety of free weights and also machines (especially the HammerStrength ones) even though the gym itself is quite small.”



„Every Sunday we run across the city. From bridge to bridge with a beautiful view of the cathedral. In any weather! ‘Et hät noch immer gut jejange, bald wird wieder gekämpft’ (Cologne dialect for ‚It has always gone well, soon we will fight again‘)!”



„To me, sport means to be active while being out and about. On my travels you can often find me on the beach or on some special hike. In Cologne, I like to go for a run – in my opinion the Mediapark is a great place for it (especially in the evening). “

"The lights of the skyscrapers shine so beautifully and it’s easy to just tune out."



„Turn the music on and your head off. This works even better for me doing an outdoor work out than going to the gym. I prefer doing it in the Grüngürtel, which is almost semicircular around the city of Cologne. In addition to basketball courts, the Herkulesberg, a trim course, urban tennis courts and so much more are constantly offering new challenges. My new running shoe – the Saucony Freedom ISO – carries me as if I’m on clouds.”

„From a sporting point of view, it never gets boring here."

Schönhauser Straße


„Bad weather? I don’t care. I’m always out and about. My favourite route for a run is along the Rhine, near Schönhauser Straße.”