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The capital of Scandinavia and nicknamed Venice of the north Stockholm has a lot to live up to and it doesn’t disappoint. The cold crisp winters and vibrant summers means Stockholm offers it’s inhabitants and visiting tourists something different no matter the season. The city center itself is built no fewer then 14 Islands and has numerous parks and forests near by, meaning to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life is only a short jog away.

For a day long adventure Stockholms world famous archipelago which connects the city to the Baltic sea is a spectacular boat trip all year round especially in the summer. If you want to experience the Swedish culture the city has more then its fair share to offer in terms fashion and architecture.



Åsa Lundström

“Stockholm’s unique is the access to water and nature in all directions from the city center. Being a triathlete, having perfect swimming conditions right next to stunning running conditions is a privilege.”

Following the Sickla canal from the swimming pool towards the city center.

It’s a great option to get quality run efforts done, or even get to know new friends while your stretching.

Hammarby sjöstad

Åsa Lundström

“Hammarby sjöstad allows for a fun and inspiring run between the buildings and along scenic water canals, only a block away from the capital city pulse. Only a few more km’s further up the canal, your urban surroundings transform into Scandinavian wilderness where all you can hear are yourself and the birds on your run.”


Anders Szalkai

“On the outskirts Stockholm you find an alpine ski-slope very near the city. In the winters you can go skiing, but that’s not why I’m there. I love to take on the grueling climb the hill offers. The slope is really tough but still not too steep so you can run all the way up, and the reward is a stunning view of Stockholm when you reach the top.”

If you can run up the hill without building lactic acid, then you know that you are in great shape.

Sofia Södermalm

Sandra Beijer

“Soon it’s outdoor running time. I have found a path that’s perfect for me, it’s about five kilometers”

Olympic Stadium

Anders Szalkai

“Stockholm Olympic Stadium was the arena for the Olympic games of 1912 and is absolutely my favourite place to train. The atmosphere in the arena is amazing and It’s a unique possibility that anyone can gain access to the stadium and run on the same track as many Olympic legends.”

Crossing the finish line as winner of the Stockholm Marathon and hearing the cheers of the crowd in the arena was an amazing feeling that I will always carry with me.


Linn Eklund

“As many of you know I love love love to run. There is no better way to clear the head than to take a run in Hagaparken. Especially during the summer, in the sunset around eight a clock in the evening. And if you’re lucky you might spot princess Victoria and prince Daniel aswell.”