Work Out


Discover the Baviarian capital far away from sightseeing & high society. The English Garden, lots of lakes, the legendary Eisbach-wave and round about 500 km of cycling tracks – Munich offers perfect conditions to every sports fan.

Do you want to spend a relaxed afternoon, plan a challenging work out or are you keen on going out and celebrating every once in a while? The different quarters of Munich have something to offer for every day and every mood. Restaurants from vegan to pork roast, shops from low budget to high fashion.

Don’t believe the cliches, let our local people inspire you!




„If you enjoy an active lifestyle, Munich is the perfect city for you. Our favourite place for an early morning workout is the Olympiapark in Schwabing. With great running tracks, countless sports facilities and the spirit of the Olympics, it turns a simple run into an amazing experience.”

„The Olympia Park was the centre of the world for the 1972 Olympic Games"



„Ready to work out! I’ve rediscovered the Westpark for myself. As a change from the Isar, the Westpark is like a big playground with short trails, many walls and benches, perfect to do some little workouts during your run.”


Nymphenburg Palace


„There are so many options, but let’s be honest – the Nymphenburg Palace with its channel at sunrise or sunset are hard to beat. Amazing… in winter as well as in summer. Especially quiet in the morning. How nice that I’ll be living nearby in March.”



„The so called Flaucher is part of the river Isar in the south of Munich. It`s a little outdoor paradise with many hiking trails and beaches for the warmer season. Whenever I need to get my head free, the Flaucher is my place to go – works especially well when this little devil keeps me company.”

Find peace within the heart of one of Europe's most popular cities



„Love to get my head free while running in the open nature at the Isar every once in a while. That’s where I forget my stress.”