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Hang Out


„Alaaf you“ – many inhabitants of Cologne describe their city as the most beautiful of the world. Is that true? Let’s find out!

There are many hotspots to discover – the cathedral, the Hohenzollern Bridge with its countless love locks or the chocolate museum, street art in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, bars in Kwartier Latäng and clubs that don’t close till sunrise!

Find the best running tracks, from bridge to bridge, with perfect Rhine-panorama. Cologne offers many places to burn off energy and to recharge your body. Decide just as the fancy takes you!




„My favourite place to relax and calm down is the along the river Rhine. If one needs to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city life this is a great place to clear the head. In general, I very much enjoy walking, especially close to water. They have something extra soothing in my opinion. But don’t forget to take a break and enjoy the stunning view!”

Rhine boulevard


„The Rhine boulevard is my favourite place to hang out. Especially on warm summer evenings there is no better place to sit on the steps and relax, hang out with friends and drink something.”

Hohenzollern Bridge


„Strolling along the Rhine and over the famous Hohenzollern Bridge… inspiring and relaxing at the same time.”

Rhine promenade


„The Rhine promenade is my spot if I need time for myself to think. Whether in summer or winter, this is my idyllic place. Wearing the right outfit, sitting there is comfortable even when temperatures are dropping.”

Kwartier Latäng


„I was asked where in Cologne I like to hang out: Welcome to Kwartier Latäng. Preferably in front of the kiosk with a delicious Kölsch (beer brewed in Cologne) or on top of a wall. Hip bars are not my cup of tea, wandering through the traditional Veedel is more like it.”



„To chill and really enjoy the day in Cologne means to me that my dog Nani is with me. The Rheinauhafen is – with its architecture and lots of cool cafes and restaurants – exactly the right place to spend a nice day and to get to know the stylish side of Cologne.”

"Most photo shoots in Cologne take place here"

Belgisches Viertel


„My absolute favorite neighborhood – and also my home – is the Belgisches Viertel. Between Friesenplatz and Aachener Straße I get inspired by fashion, I go shopping, I drink coffee and I face a variety of culinary possibilities every day. All this means that I hardly leave my neighborhood and rarely find my way to a subway or suburban train. To my almost monotonous denim look I like to wear a few bright red eye-catching Saucony Trainers.”

Sweat’n’Dance dance studio


„I have just finished my work out at the Sweat’n’Dance dance studio on Kyffhäuserstraße – I can only urge you to find a sport or activity which is right for you. After that, I’m in a simply great mood all day! Now off to the café hommage to relax.”