Go Out


What can you say… Capital? The place to be? Where the scene lives? Berlin is unbelievable. Discover aspects of the city that you haven’t heard of, off-the-path. Which of the 2500 parks is the coolest for ambitious runners?

Where can you have a drink without having to dress up and book a table in advance? Where can you buy the freshest groceries? We don’t know all the answers but most of them.

Learn where photographers find their best spots, where travel bloggers relax and where sport freaks look for a new challenge. Dive in and click through!




„Speed of the city at Hardenbergplatz … always my favorite point of view to explore Berlin at night.”

Pizza Prisma


„Sneaker vs. Heels. I am a total sneaker addict! I basically love shoes in every shape but sneakers are my favorite. Even at night when going out I rather choose the comfortable option. Of course, that’s possible in Berlin. If you ever plan a trip to Berlin you definitely have to check out the bars, cafes and restaurants around the Gräfekiez. My favorite is the Pizza Prisma.”

„Here in Kreuzberg everything’s a little casual."

Britzer Seeterrassen


„In Berlin I meet photographer friends at this location. It’s not only the best place to take photos but also to go out and enjoy delicious food and drinks. Britzer Seeterrassen is one of my favorite places at dawn in Berlin.”

„The restaurant looks like it's straight from the Hobbit Movie."