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Copenhagen is not only the capital of the happiest country on Earth according to popular indexes but also probably the center of the designer goods universe. Tourist folk to this city destination to get a taste of high end danish design and fashion but also experience the coziness within the city especially around Christmas and New year. This coziness and ambiance has it own word in Danish known as “Hygge” . The flat geography and compact city center means that the best way to get around is often by bike. An early morning jog will also take you past many of the cities popular sites and attractions.


Restaurant Pluto

Sara Jin Smidt

It’s one of the most popular restaurants in Copenhagen and without a doubt my absolute favorite. The food is amazing and even though I come there at least once or twice a month I never get tired of it. The staff is fantastic and you always feel welcome  The menu is a mix of smaller dishes that you can share family style if you want, the drinks are amazing and during the weekend it’s the absolute best place to have dinner before going out and go dancing all night long.

Den Originale Burgerrestaurant


Located in both Vesterbro and Østerbro. They have the best fries in town and have just started serving organic meat, which only makes it even more attractive to me. Since I’m a big french frie fan I eat there several times a month. At the one in Østerbro you can sit outside, watch the people passing bye, get some nice city vibe and get a really good burger. Perfect after an active day of sweating in the gym – in my world there must be room for both!