Go Out


Most people think of high class enjoyment when it comes to Vienna: overwhelming culture, uncountable cafes, world-famous specialties. Vienna is different. Insiders appreciate the relaxed lifestyle that you can experience in the Museum District, the cool mix of styling and casual looks, trendsetters and families, shoppers and sportspeople.

Head out to the Naschmarkt, discover the green sites of the big city, the running tracks around the Prater and Schönbrunn Palace, the bars & restaurants. Without “Schmäh” – Vienna is different and worth it!


Superfood Deli


“My favourite place for a quick to go snack in Vienna – the Superfood Deli. The sixth and seventh district in Vienna is perfect for hanging out and just letting your mind wander.”

„Everything surrounding the Deli feels comfortable."



„I love to wander through the city center in the evening, past the Stephansplatz, down to the city park and back via the Ring and Kärntner Street – whether at Christmas time, in spring or on balmy summer evenings. When it gets calmer and the city goes to sleep…”

Motto am Fluss


„Finally the weekend! In the evening you can find me at Motto am Fluss: looks like a boat and offers the perfect location for every time of the day – they have outstanding food and a beautiful view from the terrace in the evening.”

Kleines Café


„Sprinting in front of Kleines Café. Very cool spot in Vienna, the Kleines Café means “small coffee shop” and was featured in one of my favorite movies: Before Sunrise. I might go for a coffee after my run.”

25hours Hotel


„I would like to tell you where I like to spend my evenings in Vienna. Since I got Bjarki I prefer to seize the day rather than the night – but if I do go out at night, then in the 7th district. Here you can find so many cool and innovative restaurants in every street. But my favorite is the rooftop bar of 25hours-Hotel, you have a fabulous view from the terrace and lots of great events with DJs, Pop Ups and Co. take place there”



„The Urania is a public educational institution, cinema and observatory located directly at the popular running track Donaukanal (“Danube Canal“) which is an ideal running spot in the center of Vienna with paths and trees alongside its shore. There you can also find KLYO, a bar & restaurant with stunning views over the Danube Canal.

In addition, there are homemade foods and drinks, also for vegetarians and vegans and – best of all – breakfast until 22:30. A perfect spot to have a drink or something to eat while watching others run by.”

A perfect spot to have a drink or something to eat