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The capital of Scandinavia and nicknamed Venice of the north Stockholm has a lot to live up to and it doesn’t disappoint. The cold crisp winters and vibrant summers means Stockholm offers it’s inhabitants and visiting tourists something different no matter the season. The city center itself is built no fewer then 14 Islands and has numerous parks and forests near by, meaning to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life is only a short jog away.

For a day long adventure Stockholms world famous archipelago which connects the city to the Baltic sea is a spectacular boat trip all year round especially in the summer. If you want to experience the Swedish culture the city has more then its fair share to offer in terms fashion and architecture.



Sandra Beijer

“The cozy atmosphere and the smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns and an old-fashioned black coffee bowl: it feels like home. It is also the place to do a legendary Swedish “fika”, the compulsory song to truly taste Swedish culture..”

Shanti Gossip

Sandra Beijer

“According to me you find the best Indian food in Stockholm on Skånegatan. It’s called Shanti Gossip and serve Indian and Bengal streetfood in combinations I haven’t found anywhere else in town.”


Anders Szalkai

“In my twenties the combined bar, restaurant and night club Riche became one of my favourite places to go, and even if my visits aren’t as frequent nowadays I still love it. It has a relaxed atmosphere and the crowd is varied, and if you’re lucky you can spot one or two celebrities.”

When you have finished your delicious three-course dinner or just a simple starter, you can easily move over to the bar to continue your evening.